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10 ways to improve health

10 способов улучшить здоровьеTo swap in the correct direction their lives, strengthen health, you need to adhere to the simple tips.
1. Try to use the method of washing with water the nose. Wash cleanses the nasal passages. If you are suffering from chronic ailments associated with the nasopharynx, it will be very useful.
2. Take care of your skin. The skin is a critical organ of the human body. Cleansing the skin, you assist your own lymphatic system to remove toxins. Enter into the habit of daily showers with the use of a hard sponge.
3. Try to make a habit of fasting days. Easy fast allows to cleanse the body. This should allow to relax the digestive system. First be sure to consult your doctor.
4. Try cleansing the body. Can help enema. Enema will clean the intestines, guaranteed to prevent constipation.
5. Can be very long to exist without food and fluid, but the air we need always. Often walk outside, breathe deeply. Separate breathing techniques even promote weight loss. Using the technique of conscious breathing can even overcome his own psychological complexes, resentment.
6. Go on foot a lot. About the enormous benefits of walking are well documented. The walk, in addition to training the legs, you train the heart, lungs, whole body.
7. Buy anatomic mattress, which will allow quality rest.
8. Obtain special sports footwear for walking. These shoes reduces the load on the ankle, protects the joints from damage.
9. Get more houseplants. House plants remove carbon dioxide, saturate the room with oxygen, which is extremely useful for the body.
10. Be positive. Laugh more and try to make people laugh. After all, good humor prolongs life and protects against stress.
These simple tips will allow you to slightly improve the quality of your life. Good luck.

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