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3 in 1: Dermatone

3 в 1: ДермотонияWe both want to get everything at once – perfect face and body. But it happens and imperfections: chin, excess weight, swelling, stretch marks, cellulite, wrinkles and this list is endless.
It is better to choose a procedure that combines several procedures. Dermatone mechanical – drainage, reflexology, vacuum massage.
What are the indications for use?
Swelling in various parts of the body, the formation of folds and wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, cellulite. Age ageing, metabolism and blood circulation. This list goes on and on. In General we can say that after this procedure the activation of blood circulation, the synthesis of elastin and collagen metabolism.
Dermatone in stages.
For procedures use several devices: charm 1T, Triaktiv or Skintonic.
The first stage. This vacuum reflexology foot massage. If you influence some areas of the body, it is possible to improve the condition and function of internal organs. Apparatus during the massage operates in the pulse. And most importantly what his rhythm coincides with the heart rhythm.
The second phase. The antistress. This procedure can be compared with several sessions of manual therapy. It will help you not only lose weight but also to tighten the skin after losing weight.
The third stage. Deprecating. This vacuum lymphatic drainage with high frequency. The doctor refers to the lymph nodes lymph special way. This produces the elimination of fats and toxins. Similar to the principle of liposuction.
How the number of required sessions?
After the procedure you will see the effect, but if you want the perfect effect you may need up to 10 treatments of dermatone. Can 2 times a week to carry out this type of procedure, and to support effect – once a month.
3 в 1: Дермотония
There are also additional effects – peeling. If you put weight loss means, the effect will be much better.
After treatment you will feel ease and confidence. Inches will melt away the eyes and the skin becomes smooth and elastic. During dermatone diet is not needed.
Can there be any contraindications?
This procedure has no contraindications and is very safe. But it is necessary to abstain during pregnancy, acute respiratory infections, inflammatory processes.

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