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3D dice

3D костиRemember the days when You broke your hand, were forced to wear a cast for many weeks, while the bone was restored and merged in a natural way? According to experts in the field of advanced medicine, it seems, those days are already far behind us.
You think that new technologies can only contribute to the computerization of medicine and the introduction of new sophisticated equipment for scanning of the body? Believe me, the technology that You use not only in offices, but even in his house, today can benefit Your health. Using 3D printers, researchers at the University of Washington have developed a hybrid material that has the same properties – the same strength and flexibility – as with real dice.
This model of bone tissue, made using a 3D printer, can be placed in the body at the site of fracture, while the real bone continues its natural growth. Once the process of building and repairing bones completed, embedded in the body model of bone breaks. The printer used for this kind of medical procedures is a ProMetal 3D printer – consumer technology that is available to anyone with enough cash.
The main problem of the project was not the playback method of a model bone, and the material for bone tissue structure. Scientists have created a formula that uses a combination of zinc, silicon, and calcium phosphate. The process of making the bone in the 3D printer and its subsequent implantation were fully tested on rabbits and showed positive results. When the artificial bone material was combined with stem cells, natural bone has grown much faster than under normal conditions.
The real benefit of this technology is that in the future any fabric – even internal organs are complex structures can be grown with the help of 3D printers, of course, with the right combination of starting materials.

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