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A great result after this peeling

Идеальный результат после такого пилингаThis peeling is based on salicylic acid and is very popular in cosmetology. This acid, which is part of the peeling juice, possesses antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, exfoliating and antisabotage property. For problem skin ideal salicylic peels. Since the peeling tend to cause exfoliation, it prevents formation of comedones.

What are the advantages?

This peeling no difficulty is not in progress, everything is quite simple and can be easily controlled. Besides the fact that peeling exfoliating effect, but peculiar and whiten the skin. Restrictions in the age category no, because it can perform all on different parts of the body.

What are the problems of the skin may decide salicylic peeling?

With the help of modern peeling can get rid of inflammation (acne on the back, chest, neck and face. It is also possible to solve the after effects of acne and scars. Photoaging (wrinkles, loss of elasticity and turgor), pigmentation, hyperkeratosis, seborrhea is everything can be solved using this peel.

This type of peeling is almost e has the ability to irritate and most importantly misses the deeper layers of the skin.

Идеальный результат после такого пилингаWhat results can you get?

Treatment of pigmentation spots of different intensity can fade and clear

Treatment of seborrhea and acne: disappears extra luster of the skin, inflammation disappears become less of pustules and papules, secretion of sebum normalizing.

Treatment effects of acne and scars: skin texture becomes smoother, congestive spots disappear.

Treatment of age-related changes: increases elasticity and turgor of the skin, fine lines disappear.

Treatment of hyperkeratosis: the skin becomes velvety smooth and soft, Horny layers are removed.

The initial course may consist of 10 sessions, one session per week.

If you decide to bring your skin to a perfect condition, salicylic peels can be combined with almond peeling, peeling Jessner or pyruvic peel.

After consultation with a dermatologist or beautician, it will determine which is better the peel suitable. And remember to reduce the rehabilitation period is necessary to use drugs after peeling care.

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