«Мэри Бэль»

A little about medicinal plants

The most famous herbs used in the form of fees and steeped as a tea. But they have a positive effect on the body for its therapeutic properties and negative.
Remember that you should not confuse usually brewed tea from these plants and teas. Let it and medicinal herbs, but all the same they are drugs. They may have their contraindications and indications, and even side effects. Should not be eaten every day as a cold tea decoction of chamomile and mint. The maximum dose must not exceed one glass per day. You must adhere to the dosage, although this grass.
The wormwood. Even in ancient times used it for the treatment of female diseases and increase appetite. Wormwood is part of the famous alcohol absinthe. Absolutely can not be used in pregnancy. Within two weeks, you can flatten the grass.
Lemon balm is a calming herb. It is peculiar to eliminate tension, irritability, helps to concentrate and increases the quality of the work. In other words, you can call the light spasmolysant. The balm contains citral – this substance has subatomically action. So if every day for a month to drink this infusion of herbs that can cause headaches, dizziness, stuffy nose.
Mint. It’s a herb that helps during menstruation to reduce discomfort and pain. Also it tend to lower blood pressure, virtually eliminates vascular and muscle spasms. Ideal for solving problems with intestinal colic. Hypotensive with this grass must adhere to the rules of the dosage, as part of peppermint is menthol, and he contributes to lower pressure. Also caution should be taken for people who suffer with asthma, as menthol tend to slow down your respiratory system. During bradycardia should remember that the grass tend to slow down the activity of the heart. For men cannot be abused in this minty drink, as is a decrease of erection due to deterioration of blood circulation in the penis and reducing the pressure therein.
Nettle. Has choleretic and hemostatic effect. To effectively use the flowers of the nettle to treat bronchitis in chronic stage. For women this salvation, as it helps to improve the muscle contraction of the uterus. Even in ancient times used the grass for abortion. So during pregnancy cannot be applied nettles.
Pharmacy chamomile. Relieves inflammation, soothes the stomach, restores the mucous membranes after damage, has a choleretic effect. If you did not follow the dosage, the female can cause relaxation of the muscles of the uterus will cause problems while carrying a child and menstrual irregularities. Abuse of chamomile leads to iron deficiency in the body.
St. John’s wort. The most effective and popular drug that has a sedative effect. Also has anti-inflammatory and relieves spasms. But this herb increases sensitivity to ultraviolet rays. During the sun should refuse to use herbs, as you can quickly get burned. If a long time to apply such a medicinal drink, then there may be nausea, heartburn, pain in the liver. If you have followed the doses, drowsiness and lethargy are provided to you for the whole day.
Mother-and-stepmother – has expectorant properties. The grass is not very suitable for people with heart problems or asthma, as the pressure increases. Plants also often drug, although many are not even aware about their healing properties.

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