«Мэри Бэль»

A new device for home treatment

Новое устройство для домашнего леченияThe human body is a complex system, and if the majority of the inhabitants of the Earth are confident that the man is eighty percent water, that scientists who patented methods of information-wave therapy, adhere to a different paradigm – our body, like any other system consists of information.
Each organ has a unique optimal code, which changes under the action of the disease, and the device THRESHOLD based on the IWT aims to ensure that the code is to restore. Moreover, even if you go back to the hypothesis that our body is not built so much protein, how much of the water, not to mention that water is unique in its capacity of a carrier of information.
When the information disformal caused by the disease, there is a change of indicators of the electromagnetic field of each individual organ and body as a whole. Under the influence of information-wave therapy on the body affects a wide range of electromagnetic waves that are resonant with the current field, should lead to optimal balance, i.e. to promote cell regeneration, improve immunity and faster recovery.
At first glance, the device THRESHOLD is a conventional steel tube, more resembling a hand torch body, however when the device is connected to the power source and configured correctly, the THRESHOLD begins to radiate electromagnetic waves acting on the patient’s body. In addition, You no longer need to spend hours in long queues clinics, at the risk of catching any disease for full set, devices of information-wave therapy is designed to virtually all disease, from gastritis to Tensilica and hepatitis. However, it should be remembered that ICT is only an auxiliary means of treatment, and in any case, you should get professional medical advice.

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