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A new type of ocular implants

глазные имплантыOphthalmic surgery is recognized as one of the most difficult branches of medicine, as the structure and function of the human eye are difficult to restore, especially if we are talking about the implants. New technologies allow to build in artificial eye mini camera and processor, however, a large number of cords, rapid wear mechanisms and the unreliability of the signal put into question the validity of using synthetic data elements and their implementation in live tissues.
The staff of Stanford University proposed the development of new wireless ocular implant-based solar cells. Such plates for a long time and quite successfully applied in various fields of industry, allowing you to collect solar energy and further transforming it into electricity.
The prototypes for artificial eyes are used not only implants but also special glasses whose lenses are equipped with Microtimer. Receiving the image on the glass surface, camera by infrared radiation pass it on solar plate, and then impulses are sent to the brain, transforming into a picture. Although have been a number of studies in rodents, scientists are still confidently can’t answer how much interest can be restored eyesight with the help of implants with solar cells, and what will be its clarity.
The main advantage of this development is the lack of conductive elements, which increases the durability of the artificial eye, and prevent the rejection of the implant healthy tissues. Photovoltaic cells, according to forecasts, will become more widespread in ophthalmology, and eventually be able to facilitate the wireless transfer of images to the brain, even without special cameras. It is hoped that further experiments will show positive dynamics.

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