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A primary one-stage grafting of the orbit after essentiali

In the clinic of maxillofacial surgery of the Kalinin medical Institute developed a method of primary one-stage grafting of the orbit after essentiali with the use of dermal-fat flap from the forehead to the pedicle and free skin graft.

Perez operation based on the study of alertthingy skull and craniometry determined by the depth of the orbit and the inlet diameter. The length of the frontal skin and fat flap without regard to the size of the supply legs shall not be less than the inlet diameter, and the width equal to the total value of the depth of the orbit and excised okologlaznichnoy tissues.

After a simple knife or, preferably, electrosurgical resection of the tumor okologlaznichnoy tissues and remove them in one piece together with the contents of the orbit on the forehead is cut skin and fat flap sootvetstvuyuschego size on the pedicle, located in the temporal region. Skin and fat flap curved scissors with rounded tips and buds peeled from the leaf surface of the aponeurosis frontal belly occipital-frontal muscle.

In this case it is necessary to act very carefully so as not to damage the main skin-nourishing blood vessels, located on the border of the skin and subcutaneous tissue. Peeled the flap is folded in the form of a funnel, is fixed in that position for a few catgut sutures and is injected into the cavity of the orbit, covering the bottom and all the walls.

The free edge of the flap is turned and sewn Dacron fibers with the edges of the defect okologlaznichnoy tissues. To the top of the eye socket is supplied with a thin tubular drainage and all postoperative cavity is loosely gauze balls evenly press down the flap to the bottom and the walls of the orbit.


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