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A solution of skin problems in a short time: pyruvic peel

Решение кожных проблем за короткое время: пировиноградный пилингThis peeling is based on pyruvic acid with different concentration. Used in cosmetics concentration of 60%, 50% and 40%.

Pyruvic acid has the following properties: depigmenting (bleaching), antibacterial, antiseptic, antioxidant, restful, exfoliating, comedolytic, moisturizing.

If, during this peeling using 50% and 40%, the peeling surface character, which is able to penetrate into the hair follicle and has a fairly high lipophilicity.

If you want to see after the procedure lifting effect, you should use pyruvic acid with a concentration of 60%.

What are the indications for application of the peeling?

It’s comfortable and effective cosmetic procedure with a wide range of decision problems of the skin. It is possible to solve the problems of oily skin. For example, acne, seborrhea, rosacea. Also there is a solution to problems such as pigmentation and hyperkeratosis. The advanced treatment options and manifestations of Avadani skin.

Depending on the age and degree of topicality of the patient’s skin, you can use different concentrations of peeling. Thus there is a variety of exposure levels.

This peeling can be combined with mezoterapii course, by raising the tone of the skin almost anywhere on the human body.

Решение кожных проблем за короткое время: пировиноградный пилингWhat results would you expect after peeling?

Depending on the concentration and the problems it is possible to achieve different results.

For the treatment of seborrhea use 40-50% concentration of pyruvic acid. After peeling process improves skin hydration and normalization process sebum. It’s also worth noting that after peeling on the face in the scalp, you may notice a reduction of seborrhea.

For the treatment of acne is used pyruvic acid with a concentration of 40-50%. After this peeling inflammatory processes and comedones are significantly reduced. After 8 treatments, you can get great results on the face.

In the treatment of photoaging can be used at any concentration composition for peeling, but depending on the problem. After this concentration: decreasing the thickness of the stratum corneum and the skin is thin, the thickness of the dermis increases.

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