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About the benefits of Jogging

О пользе утренних пробежекFor a considerable number of people the key to a successful labor day is a morning jog. These lessons are extremely useful for good health.
In addition to morning energy, morning run helps to form a beautiful figure, to strengthen muscles.
Before the start of training, we recommend you to consult the doctor, especially if there is a malfunction of the heart or excessive weight. Evening running is also useful, as morning races.
Jogging need on an empty stomach. This approach will allow us to get rid of excess weight without any extra diet. If a snack is needed, for Breakfast fruit, yogurt. For added incentive to practice, find a partner.
The best place to practice are specially equipped stadiums, parks and also the private sector – away from the roadway, some like to run and observe the unusual architecture of private houses.. you should Choose places with soft floors or ground. This will prevent damage to joints. The important is choosing the right shoes. Be sure to get special running shoes.
Pick gentle training schedule. Beginners are recommended to run through the day. More experienced athletes can give the body a rest every 3 days. When running it is important to consider that the running speed plays no role. It is safe to alternate running with fast walking. Try not to overload the body with excessive loads. Before you start the race definitely warm up to warm up muscles and joints.
If you have problems sleeping, you should replace Jogging in the evening. Otherwise you may damage the nervous system. In the morning we increases blood clotting, which can cause blockage of cerebral vessels, therefore, to transfer a run for the evening are better for people with diseases of the liver and kidneys.
It is recommended to start morning classes run two hours after lift – this will allow the body to fully Wake up.
A sound approach to the sport will help to improve your health and benefit the entire body.

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