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Addiction treatment – history and prospects

Лечение наркомании - история, перспективыThe abuse of various substances has been known to mankind for a long time. In the Ancient East practiced taking opium in China – hemp in America cocaine and hallucinogenic mushrooms. The first bans on certain drugs arose in the middle Ages. However, details and information on the availability of clinics and doctors specializing in addiction treatment, have not survived. In the last century from addiction often tried to get rid of intake of substances such as opium and morphine, which in turn also caused the addiction. Development of scientific methods of drug treatment began only in the last century. 1980-2000 in the USSR there were several schools deliverance from addiction. Such as, a well-known clinic Dovzhenko, using hypnosis, or addiction, using meditation and psychological training. The scientific approach to the problem based on the search for and development of drugs that could relieve psychological and physiological dependence, to ease the discomfort when you stop taking drugs.

Basic principles and methods of treatment and prevention

Modern therapy consists of the following stages: Detoxification – the complete cleansing of the body from toxic substances. The elimination of the psychological, social and physiological reasons of abuse. The prolongation of the effect of therapeutic procedures for complete deliverance from addiction. The most effective addiction treatment in hospital, for example, as here, but also the home and under the supervision of a physician. The most important in the framework of the General condition of the patient is the first step. It relieves withdrawal symptoms, removes toxic substance from the body. Addiction treatment at this stage is a technique in decreasing concentrations of drugs. Most often they are represented by opiate antagonists. The second stage of treatment and disposal of the symptoms of addiction is complex effects of psychotherapy, mitigating “cancel”, the improvement of the body. Its duration and intensity depends on the neglect of the disease, the strength of the received drug. Effective addiction treatment helps the mood for the recovery of the patient. 100% remission, as a rule, achieve a strong personality with a strong-willed potential. In the preservation of the results of treatment and full deliverance from drug addiction plays a crucial social factor. Employment, family, favorite thing beneficial effect on patient well-being. The maximum percentage of returning to drug use among single and unemployed patients. Therefore, when the clinics and centers involved in the treatment and prevention of addiction, there are support groups. In practice those who have completed a rehabilitation course, can share their experiences, concerns, get advice from professional psychologists.

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