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Adenomyosis of the uterus: symptoms, diagnosis

Аденомиоз матки симптомы, диагностикаHow can manifest adenomyosis?

The disease is often asymptomatic. The adenomyosis of the uterus can be attributed to the symptoms of an indirect nature: heavy menstrual periods with large clots, lasting more than 5 days, and then “spotting” for another week. A possible symptom of adenomyosis was called a “dagger” pain during intercourse and bleeding in the middle of the cycle. In General pain in the adenomyosis is difficult to remove by conventional anesthetics. If the woman does not help the standard pain during menstruation, and district gynecologist does not issue anything except dietary supplements, it is occasion to seek independent medical examination for a more detailed examination of the methods of modern ultrasound diagnostics. Moreover, with age, the pain of menstruation will only increase is another feature of the diseases of the uterus.

As diagnosed adenomyosis?

This diagnosis, as already mentioned in the beginning, most often hear women on ultrasound (sonography). The doctor sees on the screen of the apparatus is increased in size of the uterus, its heterogeneous structure, does not see a clear line between myometrium and endometrium (not the same layer), detects lesions in the muscle of the uterus. In some cases, the doctor describes the significant thickening of one of the walls of the uterus relative to another. A very important doctor – round uterus” is a signal that adenomyosis lasts a long time. The diagnosis can put the doctor and hysteroscopy, when he sees “the moves” – germinating endometrium in the uterus walls. Another way of diagnosis – magnetic resonance therapy. It has long been used in medical and forensic forensics, patentee, the study of fluids in the body. In gynecology method is useful in the case when the ultrasound shows a fuzzy image or the doctor has doubts about the diagnosis. Moreover, MRI is more visible form of the disease is focal or diffuse.
It is very important to make it clear to the woman that this disease live and enjoy life to the millions of women, because often it is asymptomatic. So no tantrums! All treated and successfully. About 20% of women who were diagnosed with adenomyosis after the onset of menopause, completely recovered from the disease themselves, they didn’t even need medical help, because the body knows what it should do. Progress of the disease can only make frequent scraping and abortion. But even given that most women do not need treatment of adenomyosis, it is advisable to comply with the precautions and preventive measures.

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