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Ammonia hair dye

Безаммиачная краска для волосWomen are already very used to change their natural hair color by staining in any they liked. Here are many notice that after this procedure, the hair becomes brittle, dry, lifeless and frizzy. This is because permanent hair dye that occupy the leading position on the market of paints, which includes a chemical oxidant is very bad for your hair, blasting their structure. After such damage hair require more careful attention and a long treatment.
As manufacturers, or rather the entire industry of paints, have become more attentive to the health of the hair weaker sex, began to appear more gentle ways of hair coloring, which include ammonia hair coloring.
The market has begun to paint in which no ammonia and every year safe hair coloring is becoming more popular. Using such inks can be no harm to change the color of their hair, toned or bleached hair to grow out their color.
Colors do not contain ammonia provide gentle coloring. The composition of these hair colors are always natural ingredients: millet extract, rich in silicic acid, which helps protect the structure of the very hair, grape seed extract, birch, walnut and many others. With additional nourishing substances ammonia paint not only will not damage your hair, but also helps them to strengthen, give it Shine and help in the restoration of the structure.
Safe paint does not contain ammonia fit well and bright, and the gray hair that you want to choose a shade close to natural hair color.
Since these colors do not contain ammonia to lighten your hair can not be more than 1-2 pitch.
Light shades of any ammonia paint not meant for coloring dark hair, only to color light hair. If you still decide to try to lighten dark hair ammonia paint need to bleach my hair, but after this procedure the positive qualities of natural dyes on their hair, you won’t notice.
Dyed hair light in any dark shade of natural paint is not difficult, while you clearly delight. Because after coloring hair is beautiful, shiny, vibrant and silky. Such paints in the package is always a special balm, which is necessary to use. This balm will restore hair structure and seals the colour for a long time.

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