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Anti-cellulite massage

massage des jambesModern beauticians invented a considerable amount of money to get rid of such unpleasant things as cellulite. Then you and the classical manual massage, and hardware methods, such as pneumomassage, vacuum massage and other. But all in all, the massage is a leader among the means to eliminate such a visual deficiency of the skin.
The goal of any anti-cellulite massage is to make the cells of the skin and subcutaneous tissues to actively work under the influence of persistent hands or tools masseur. To enhance the effect usually uses creams or gels.
Remember that cellulite is formed in those places where the lymph and blood circulation is disturbed – this happens because of the thickening of vessel walls. The most common place of occurrence of cellulite – abdomen, buttocks, thighs, legs.
Basic massage techniques that show its effectiveness when cellulite is kneading, rubbing, stroking, tapping, clapping, hack and vibration – they knead stagnant tissue and have a positive effect on the stimulation of blood circulation.
In General, massage and apparatus against cellulite in addition to eliminating cellulite improves lymph circulation, strengthens the power of skin cells and breaks down fat formation. These procedures enable you to eliminate the effect of “orange peel”.
In addition, physicians have noted that regular massage optimizes metabolism, cleanses the body from harmful substances, gives the muscle tone and skin elasticity and firmness. In General, massage significantly promotes weight loss.
In combination with exercise and proper diet, you can achieve excellent results.
For optimal effect it is better to go through a massage course, which consists of not less than ten procedures. Remember, massage during the first sessions can be painful, but harm this pain will not cause.

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