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Aqualyx will help get rid of excess fat

Aqualyx поможет избавиться от жировых излишков British researchers have presented similar liposuction, which will allow you to combat excess fat. The main role in this process will play excretory system of man.
West globally deals with the problem of obesity. So Aqualyx is new in cosmetology, which will allow to get rid of extra pounds without surgery, but the effect will be comparable full liposuction.
Suffering, who have to go through in order to get a slim silhouette, may be limited by multiple injections and trips to the toilet, because excess fat, which show Aqualyx, coming out with the urine of man. Now you can easily get rid of body fat – it is necessary only to go to the toilet.
Aqualyx is an aqueous solution. The essence of the actions of Aqualyx is that man doing in the problem areas of injection. After the injection process starts splitting of fat cells, after the collapse they get into the human bloodstream, and after work only for the excretory system (urinary) person.
Mainly in Aqualyx include vegetable polymers, which literally contacted with cells of adipose tissue. These polymers destroy fat cells and releases them into the bloodstream of a person.
The minimum treatment is on average three weeks. And most importantly, the inventors claim that fat cells back after injection did not return. Effectively injections Aqualyx use in the abdomen, buttocks, chin, and other Adverse effects: only a little swelling and bruising, which will be held in two days. Compared with surgery is nothing.
It should be noted that such injections for weight loss can effectively be combined with exercise and a specific diet. So, if you combine sport and diet – the effect is stunning.
Treatment costs about £250. This course will suffice on the neck or chin. For effective removal of fat cells from the abdomen need to go through several courses. It should be noted that there is a certain risk: high cholesterol, because the drug acts on adipose tissue. This drug is very new, and its effects on the body are not yet fully understood, but in any case, injection is much easier than surgery.

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