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Autoplastic bone grafting in the treatment of false joints of the tibia

The problem of the pathogenesis and treatment of pseudoarthrosis tibia is one of the most urgent and difficult in reconstructive surgery. False joints of the tibia occur in the treatment of fractures of a given localization in patients 3-16, and used for their elimination surgery give from 8 to 20 recurrences.

The objective of the study was to determine the effectiveness of bone autoplastic when false joint of the tibia. Studies have shown Leningrad Nieto (9), atrophic (avascular) pseudoarthrosis the use of transosseous osteosynthesis ineffective.

Our observations include the 102 patients in the age group from 20 years to > 60 years of age who underwent autoplastic bone grafting because of false joints of the tibia. Men 78, women — 24. False joints arose after open fractures in 63 people, closed — in 39. Hypertrophic pseudoarthrosis noted in 82 persons, atrophic — 20.

The most likely reasons that contributed to the formation of a false joint, were insolvent immobilization, unresolved displacement of fragments, the extent of damage to local circulatory disorders, purulent infection in the damage zone, double fracture, irrational operative treatment of fresh fractures, interpositive soft tissue between the fragments, premature load.

The most frequent cause of the formation of false joints were mistakes made in the treatment of fracture of the Shin bone (67,3). Only 36.3 patients causes of necromania not depend directly from the methods of treatment of purulent infection, the severity of the damage). 32 (31,4) patients with the correct position of the bone fragments of the tibia is made autoplastic bone grafting displaced graft Albee — Kohutova.

In 70 cases (68,6) parietal bone grafting on FAMIS Theroux combined with the osteosynthesis of bone fragments metal rod Bogdanov or Kundera. Bone grafts for parietal plastics were taken from the proximal tibia or from the crest in Ilium.


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