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Autoplastic in oral and maxillofacial surgery

For the treatment of malignant tumors of the skin are currently using close-focus x-ray treatments, cryo-destruction, surgical removal of the tumor. However, depending on the stage of tumor development rate of relapse, according to various authors, ranges from 6.4 to 50-60.

Such a high percentage of relapses is due not only late referral of patients for help, but the lack of elastically when performing conventional surgery with a scalpel.

The use of close-focus radiotherapy, which is currently the most common method of treatment is not always satisfactory cosmetic results, is not suitable for the localization of tumors on the eyelids, nose, ears, treatment takes a long time (at least months).

Therefore, finding new, effective and in good cosmetic and functional methods of treatment of tumors of the facial skin is very important task.

The creation of carbon dioxide lasers has become the means by which drew the eyes surgeons-oncologists were among the first.

However, these authors used a laser scalpel mainly for coagulation of superficial tumors, at least for excision with local plasticity, and available for us in the medical literature we found no reports of the use of a laser scalpel with loose skin autoplasty.

In 1975, we have developed and successfully applied free autoplastic skin with the use of a laser scalpel in the first experiment on animals, and then in the clinic in 18 patients. Patients ranged in age from 35 to 88 years, more than half of those older than 60 years. Women — 11, men — 7. 12 patients had squamous cell squamous cell skin cancers, 6 — izhazissuez of basal cell carcinoma.


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