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Autovenous plastic surgery in arteries of medium and small diameter

The progress of surgery during the last decades allowed to provide specialized care to patients not only with pathology major, but in case of damage or occlusion of the arteries of small and medium caliber. This is largely contributed to the widespread introduction into clinical practice of autovenous grafting. A significant contribution to the development of this problem has made domestic arikirangi.

The presence of the endothelial lining, the lack of biological tissue incompatibility, the acquisition of implant properties of the arterial wall, resistance to infection, according to some authors, can achieve in these patients good short-and long-term results in the majority of cases. However a significant number of patients in long-term relapse obstruction of the operated vessels. Most of these complications is logged in atherosclerotic lesions of arteries.

We have the experience of using autovenous grafting in 117 people with various disorders of arteries, operated for the past 15 years. Such a long observation of patients allows us to provide a critical assessment of the effectiveness of this kind of surgery in surgery of the arteries of medium and small diameter. Among the operated dominated by males (101), women were 16. The age of patients ranged from 10 to 68 years, the majority (48) were aged 41 to 55 years.

Autovenous plastic in atherosclerosis of the arteries below the inguinal folds was used in 71 patients, including patchwork — 47, bypass surgery — 24. Injuries of the vessels and their implications fragments of autologous vein was used in 46 patients, the disease duration ranged from 4 hours to 8 years.

In atherosclerotic vascular lesions in the preoperative period all patients were given a set of surveys about the percutaneous arteriography, which gave a complete picture of the status of the Central and peripheral division of the arterial bed and the length of occlusion.


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