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Autovino – graft for grafting of arteries of the extremities

To date, only autovino satisfies the basic requirements of the grafts for plastic surgery of the arteries of the limbs.

Autovenous graft biologically homogeneous with the body, always available in sufficient quantities, does not require sterilization, storage and transportation, are able to fully take root in the body, acquiring the structure of the artery, harvesting it at certain skills is not difficult.

The great saphenous femoral vein and saphenous vein shoulder correspond to the diameter of the main arteries of the limbs and one of them is almost always possible to excise a segment of the desired length. According to the medical data of different authors, autovenous grafts used in reconstructive surgery of damaged vessels from 6.3 to 46 cases.

Alongside the advantages, there are also disadvantages of autologous vein as a material for grafting arteries. Is often a mismatch between the diameter of the veins of the caliber of the recovered vessel, loose type of building great saphenous femoral vein, which greatly reduces the possibility of autovenous grafting.

It should be noted that when judgments about the outcomes of autovenous grafting to preserve the viability of the limb or organ function are not always taken into account morpho-functional status of transplants. There are a number of works, evidence of the extension grafts, degenerative changes in the walls of the transplanted vein, in some cases, aneurysms.

More frequent complication, which is not without venous plastic, is thrombosis of the graft.

In the postoperative period in the absence of peripheral pulse after the restoration of the arteries, progressive limb ischemia, or lack of positive dynamics of ischemic disorders shown holding angiographic studies as a method of recognition of complications (thrombosis, failure of vascular suture, the presence of an aneurysm).


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