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Beautiful and smooth skin is the pride of any woman!

Красивая и гладкая кожаEvery girl wants to be attractive and desirable to men. Smooth skin is an essential part of femininity and beauty.
In the most common method of hair removal used razor or wax epilation, because these options hair removal can be used at home. Among the disadvantages of these methods it should be noted that such procedures must be carried out continuously.
The difference between epilation and depilation

Often the question arises, what is the difference between waxing and hair removal.
Depilation is the removal of unwanted hair without touching the hair follicles. As a result, after a short time the hair will grow again.
As for hair removal, this procedure destroys the hair follicle and over time unwanted hairs begin to grow more slowly or even stop their growth.
Types of professional hair removal

Consider the main types of removing unwanted hair professional salons.

Laser hair removal involves the removal of hair by laser. According to experts, after 5-7 treatments hair disappears for a relatively long period, because the impaired growth of the bulb. Many experts believe that laser hair removal is the best option of hair removal bikini. Remember, however, that this type is used when the hair a dark color.
Epilation involves removal of unwanted hair of any color. After about a few procedures you 3-4 years to fully get rid of problem hair.
Ultrasonic hair removal is not too often, because ultrasound can destroy skin cells, as a result, there are problems and redness.
Sugaring or waxing using a thick syrup of sugar is used for different type of skin, grow hairs in 15-20 days. Can this procedure is done at home, but sugaring salon the most secure.
When electrolysis hair is removed quite painful, and this procedure is not recommended for people with diabetes, hypertension.
A relatively new way to remove unwanted hair it is worth noting enzyme hair removal. This procedure removes hair using enzymotherapy substances that slow down hair growth.

Beautiful and smooth skin for women are very important, so you should consult with a specialist and to choose the most suitable type of hair removal.

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