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Beauty and lifestyle

Красота и образ жизниYour everyday beauty affects a myriad of factors, many of which directly depends on the style of your life. Her slender figure, weight, skin tone, clarity of sight in addition to natural data, it directly depends on the surrounding life. The quality of the food, fluid intake, exercise, stress – all reflected on the exterior. Destructive lifestyle – bomb, ready to explode at any second.
That includes way of life?
Your habits. These habits are both harmful and helpful. The main feature of habits – they are so firmly woven into the life of the person that they absolutely do not notice. And it is from habits is a big part of our lives. To massive negative habits could be considered a meal before bedtime, TV dinner, read while eating, sleep late, quick snacks, insufficient personal hygiene, a long sunbathing on the beach.
Observe their own behavior, analyze their own actions for a couple of days. Ask friends to share their own observations on these issues. Write down the most complete list. Across all items, add positive habit you want to replace the old. It is believed that three-week repetition of the new behaviour will help to change habits.
Food. Not all perceive the wisdom of “we are what we eat”. Try to drink daily half liter of drinking water, consume more vegetables, fruits, reduce the amount fats absorbed, but do not remove them completely from the menu. Need to eat balanced. Information about nutrition (not diet means) abound online.
Physical activity. You don’t have to submit weightlifters or extreme athletes. Simply walking. Walk an hour a day is nice and helpful. This time can be spent instead of the useless “hang” in front of the TV or computer.

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