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Begins with a treatment of alcoholism and drug abuse

С чего начинается лечение алкоголизма и наркоманииTreatment of alcohol and drug abuse must begin careful, small steps. But the most important thing in this treatment is to make the first step.

Many relatives dependent on alcohol and drugs try to pull the person from the “pit”, often not knowing anything about how is addiction treatment center drug treatment. That is why very often there are extremes: either very close gently approach this question, considering that a sick person listens to their morals and will immediately return to normal life, or, on the contrary, take the most severe measures. Good results will not be able to bring neither the first nor the second extreme, because here, as in any other treatment required procedure and the right approach.
First steps
The first thing to do is to take yourself in hand, to appreciate the problem. There are different types of addiction, for example, if your loved one uses light drugs, it is not so dramatically, but still very, very dangerous.
Determine the extent of the disease
To determine the level of disease, you need to collect all available information, that can be done simply by talking with addicted to alcohol and drugs man. Promise him everything he wants, but learn what it takes, in what dosage, for how long and often it happens. The answers to these questions help to understand the problem itself, and then we can go to doctors and specialists. Remember, even if you read all the available literature on addiction treatment, learn what drug treatment reviews about the centre, the Ark, all will learn to cope with the problem, you will not be able, as each patient drug addiction and alcoholism is a unique case that requires an individual, different from the rest of the approach.
Your actions
Act uncompromising and decisive. After the first consultation with experts who will advise the best course of action begin to perform outlined their plan. If you doubt your abilities, doctors and psychologists from substance abuse centers will always come to your aid. The main rule that you need to learn once and for all in any case do not go at it on occasion. He will try you, to soften, to confuse, defeat, and so on, do not give him the slightest chance, otherwise, your efforts will never succeed.
And finally. If you still don’t know what your house trouble, but first notice its symptoms, do not waste no time, immediately contact the appropriate specialists.

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