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A healthy diet

Diet for a flat stomach

диета для плоского животаWant to be better prepared for the summer season and just to impress everyone who you and your flat tummy? This means diet for flat tummy is what you need.
Diet and physical exercise.
Just the diet for belly a little to better and faster to get effective good results.… Continue reading

Diet for nursing mothers

диета для кормящих матерейSuch a diet for mothers who breastfeed, will help to remember that you need to eat “for two” and not “for two”, and will tell you what and what not to consume. You should eat healthy, fresh, diverse and digestible food. It is always necessary to combine dishes to include… Continue reading

Balanced diet

сбалансированная диетаA particularly well-balanced and healthy diet that just conquered all of HOLLYWOOD. You too can try. In the cooler months, you will be able to preserve a great shape and figure, and on New year’s surprise all your friends healthy complexion and good figure. Learn how to lose weight and… Continue reading

Diet for health

диета для здоровьяThis diet will help to improve your concentration, will significantly reduce the possibility of occurrence of various cancers, can help fight depression and improve overall health. “Healthy diet” is the diet that not only removes excess fat tissue, but also contains a lot of nutrients. Need advice: what can I… Continue reading

Diet to combat the effect of yo-yo

диета для борьбы с эффектом йо-йоThis diet is created specifically for those people who are constantly struggling with the effect of “yo-yo”. What is the effect of “yo-yo”?.
When we occasionally adhere to any diet, we burn fewer calories, while our digestion becomes more thorough. Very sharp decrease consumption of calories leads to a sharp… Continue reading

Diet from Italy

Диета из ИталииThe best gourmets in the world, it is considered to be the Italians. First of all, they always care about their beauty and health, so need a bit to listen to their advice about the Italian diet, it will help for a long time to maintain good health.
The Italian… Continue reading

Diet Mayo

диета МайоThe main Board from the clinic “Mayo” – eat vegetable salads and eggs. This diet must be observed 14 days, its menu, which is specially invented, is week. Clinic “Mayo” has specialization in the treatment of obesity, and for this purpose they invented the weight loss program. The program is… Continue reading

Summer diets

летняя диетаDon’t forget about proper nutrition even in the summer heat. So delicious and summer right diet will help easy and fun vacation. Fresh fruits and vegetables are the best source of various vitamins.
In the summer, prolonged exposure under the burning sun can give you not only a great tan,… Continue reading

“Cereal for losing weight

Злаки Cereal is a great way to have the perfect shape, without the pangs of hunger. Because grasses provide a feeling of satiety throughout the day.
Cereal diet is considered the most humane, because it is quite hearty, and psychologically comfortable. However, the loss on cereals has many limitations. During diet… Continue reading

Diet ephemera

Диета однодневкаIt’s just excellent diet for those people who do not quite normal enough willpower to stay on any diet for more than a day. Continue reading


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