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Hair transplantation

Пересадка волосThere are issues of appearance, which do not allow a person to feel comfortable and confident among these challenges is the loss of hair. Deal with it helps hair transplantation.
Hair transplantation – a method is fairly new and not widespread on the territory of our country. The procedure is… Continue reading

Ammonia hair dye

Безаммиачная краска для волосWomen are already very used to change their natural hair color by staining in any they liked. Here are many notice that after this procedure, the hair becomes brittle, dry, lifeless and frizzy. This is because permanent hair dye that occupy the leading position on the market of paints, which… Continue reading

The loss of hair. Causes and Troubleshooting techniques

Выпадение волосHair loss in limited quantities is considered normal and should not cause concern. But if the hair is lost not only proteins, but also just by touching them, remain on the pillow and clothes, you should think. Excessive loss was a good finish. At least, it leads to spoiled appearance… Continue reading

If hair falls out

Если выпадают волосыThe loss of about one hundred hairs per day is normal. Whether to worry or not, you can define simple way: pull lightly with fingers thin strand of hair: if the fingers will then remain no more than two hairs, not to worry, but if more than two hairs, it’s… Continue reading

How to care for your hair?

Как ухаживать за волосамиSimple rules for the care
Health of the hair depends a lot on power. Fresh vegetables and fruits contain a lot of nutrients, so you must include them in your daily diet. In order to keep hair healthy, you must eat foods that contain vitamins A, B, C, E and… Continue reading

What tools will help dandruff

Какие средства помогут от перхотиDandruff is, of course, big trouble. Many people believe that dandruff is a sign of your carelessness, so you don’t want to communicate. But you carefully watch your appearance and hygiene. What to do, how to get rid of this trouble, which you catch your life. And answer yourself the… Continue reading

Shampoo against hair loss

Шампунь от выпадения волосWith the problem of hair loss are faced not only men in the age of 40-50 years. Hair suddenly may start to fall and the 20-year-old female students, and 35-year-old woman and a 25 year-old young man. Today in pharmacies and specialized stores sold a lot of tools that are… Continue reading

How to make hair thick and long

Как сделать волосы густыми и длиннымиOf long and thick hair dream of all ladies who want to look beautiful and stunning. Of course, today in beauty salons can for a short time to do hair volume by increasing. Also a great solution for the fair sex are false strands – just a couple of minutes… Continue reading

The reviews on hair extensions: what is truth and what is myth

Отзывы по наращиванию волосHaving decided to extend its own strands, most women pre-collect feedback on hair extensions in all possible ways. It can be personal impressions girlfriends, the information extracted from the media, advice from professional artists, as well as reading comments left by clients a salon. But despite all the obtained data… Continue reading


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