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Массаж эсаленEsalen massage was founded in the mid-twentieth century, scientists in the U.S. Murphy and Richard. In the process of its creation scientists have the assertion that the human body is a holistic system of his emotional relationship with the physical and psychological world. According to their theory, it was necessary… Continue reading

Aromatherapy massage

Ароматерапевтический массажProbably, each person will be surprised by this, the long title of massage, but despite the length, this type of massage are widely known in the countries of the former USSR. That is, he is still relevant at the present time. Aromatherapy is a kind of science that studies the… Continue reading

Ayurvedic massage

Аюрведический массажAyurvedic massage is unique in its kind, this is probably the most common massage of Tibetan medicine. It is used to destroy a variety of pains in the joints, deep chronic diseases and a large number of other diseases.
Ayurvedic massage originated in Tibet 5000 years ago. Centuries-old experience makes… Continue reading

Qigong massage

Цигун-массажQigong massage is probably the most famous Chinese form of massage that is practiced in Chinese medicine for over five thousand years. To get the most effectiveness, you must go to the home of massage, as not all techniques Qigong massage beyond the borders of China. And since the international… Continue reading

Turkish soap massage

мыльный массаж All Turkey known with its luxurious bath treatments, the so-called Turkish Hamami, which are not just ordinary baths, and represent a real Paradise and fabulousness. In such baths is always very warm, but when exposed to high temperatures on the body, people clean the skin, there has been a gradual… Continue reading

Training massage

Тренировочный массажThe main direction of training of massage is to provide the athlete the maximum results in the shortest possible time with the minimum expenditure of energy of the psyche. This type of massage is an integral part of the training process of almost every serious athlete who wants to achieve… Continue reading

Why do people go for a massage?

массажные процедурыAnd so, why do people go for a massage? Probably everyone has asked themselves this question. Of all the various causes can be divided into two basic. The first reason will certainly be in the direction of a physician, so this is therapeutic massage, which are necessary from the pain… Continue reading

Massage wishes

Массаж вишешMassage wishes represents a General massage of the whole body of the person.
It is characterized by a rough style, massage rarely comes to pain, it is primarily aimed at massaging the muscles, in some cases joints.Massage technique cherries is based on the effects on some Marmari, i.e. points, which… Continue reading

Massage udvartana

массаж удвартана

The udvartana massage originates from India, when the newlyweds on the eve of the wedding conducted a number of procedures, so that their flesh is purified, the skin was healthier, and my soul calmed down. Under this procedure meant udvartana massage, which was based on the use of dry powder.… Continue reading

Spanish massage

Испанский массажUnder the Spanish massage is meant a mixed style of many different techniques that contribute to solving a variety of problems. Spanish massage is used most often massage the face, but in some cases it is used for other body parts. Through the use of Spanish massage improves the condition… Continue reading


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