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Rejuvenation and beauty

MTT: the new word in cosmetic medicine

МТТ: новое слово в косметической медицинеXXI century has announced aging outside the law, and everyone is trying to preserve their own youth, resorting to traditional and innovative methods to combat aging of cells. MTT is microcurrent therapy, which is a corrective cosmetic tool in the struggle for the youth of the skin.
A device that… Continue reading

About losing weight

О похуденииThe process of shedding excess weight requires a lot of effort and work. Always easy to come up with a compelling reason to skip the gym or to stop the diet. You can pay the coach, to buy books, collect the data, but that helps the poor, when there is… Continue reading

Getting rid of wrinkles forever!

Избавляемся от морщин навсегда!Today, to be beautiful was quite simple: carefully check the condition of your skin and sleep 8 hours a day. The secret is simple enough, but many do manage to follow these simple rules regularly? If this is not possible, remember only a few quite simple rules and get rid… Continue reading

After relaxing at sea

После отдыха на мореOver sea vacation, the tan begins to fade, his eyebrows burned out under the southern sun, the hair faded by salt water, and there is a question: how to restore the beauty after the relaxation of the sea?
First, it will not hurt to nourish your body from inside. This… Continue reading

Tips to maintain the beauty of the figure

Советы по поддержанию красоты фигурыEveryone wants strong, shapely, healthy body. Nature has endowed us universal body is able to heal itself and cure itself, especially when you consider their basic needs. Our body is displaying our lifestyle habits. If the goal is to maintain a healthy, toned body, you should find some recommendations.
Pumping… Continue reading

7 ways to preserve the natural beauty

7 способов сохранить естественную красотуEveryone wants to look perfect without making undue effort. And it is quite accessible to everyone – to spend on the care of makeup, hair, skin just a couple of minutes in the morning. For this you should use the following tips.
Tip 1. First of all, pay attention to… Continue reading

Skin care face

Уход за кожей лицаThere are basic rules, the minimum knowledge to care for the face that you want to remember every woman. It is important to remember that the skin of our face is gentle, very sensitive, susceptible to the influence of the atmosphere. This means they need special care, care, feeding. Such… Continue reading

Laser hair removal: cost and technology

технология эпиляцииLaser hair removal, the cost of which is often more expensive than other counterparts, is becoming increasingly popular. It is practically safe for health and is used for all areas of the body. Damaging impact is exclusively concerned with hair. The skin will not be damaged. But have to spend… Continue reading

The choice of bath salts

Выбор соли для ваннAbout the healing effects of salt baths mankind learned long ago, our ancient ancestors used a variety of salt mix during the bath treatment.
With them the process of bathing the usual procedure can turn into a real celebration of the body, because soy baths have a beneficial effect on… Continue reading


ПарафинотерапияParaffin – useful cosmetic event, which I love to take women and individual men for the recovery of the skin. The skin of hands, face extremely responsive to the influence of external natural impacts. Usually people carry out everyday face care. Not every also carefully monitors the skin on the… Continue reading

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