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Treatment of diseases

Is it possible to get rid of hemorrhoids?

Можно ли навсегда избавиться от геморрояOne of the main topics of jokes on the medical theme has long been a disease such as hemorrhoids. However, those who have found hemorrhoids, laugh, do not want, as this disease does not carry anything funny, but only the inconvenience and trouble. Hemorrhoids is a disease accompanied by pain,… Continue reading

Pollen as a vaccine against allergies

Пыльца как вакцина от аллергии
Seasonal allergies be a real punishment for the majority of people on earth. Spoiled environment, weak immune system and high level of everyday stress leads to the fact that people who are not genetically prone to allergic reactions at a Mature age can get so depressing type of ailment.
Flower… Continue reading

Reactive arthritis

Реактивные артритыReactive arthritis – the definition used to classify of arthritis developing as the impact of infectious diseases, however, without the introduction of the causative agents of infection in the joint cavity.
Often this kind of arthritis is immune complex reasons, namely, is formed by lack of immunity among patients predisposed… Continue reading

Unusual methods of Allergy treatment

Необычные методы лечения аллергииThe number of people suffering from all sorts of allergies, is constantly growing. There are new varieties of allergies. Often people don’t even know the cause of the disease and are struggling with the disease as necessary. We will try to describe some of the unusual ways you can reduce… Continue reading


КуперозRosacea is a skin disease characterized by vasodilatation of the skin. Usually affects the chin, cheeks, nose. Particularly susceptible to this disease women with pale, thin skin, overly sensitive to external irritating factors. The main causes of rosacea is considered excessive intake of spicy, hot food, alcohol, ultraviolet radiation, hormonal… Continue reading

Tick-borne encephalitis

Клещевой энцефалитTick-borne encephalitis is an extremely destructive viral disease that is spread by tick bites. These insects are widely distributed throughout the European territory of Russia. Peak pest activity falls on the last month of spring.
Advancing on nature, should adopt mandatory preventive measures. Among the protection measures is tight, closed,… Continue reading

The method of sclerotherapy in the treatment of varicose veins

Метод склеротерапии при лечении варикозаSclerotherapy is an effective method of healing varicose veins.
To the appearance of varicose veins hardwired a lot of people, especially among the female population. This disease the walls of blood vessels that occurs due to excessive weight, significant physical stress on the legs, sedentary life, pregnancy, improper diet, because… Continue reading

Treatment of Staphylococcus aureus

Лечение золотистого стафилококкаStaphylococcus aureus is the most dangerous opportunistic microorganisms, as it is extremely resistant to various antibiotic drugs. Microorganism can cause several other diseases: conjunctivitis, goiter, enterocolitis. This microorganism is able to affect any organ of the body.
The main sign of infection is fever, chronic sore throat, weakness, plugged nose,… Continue reading

Parkinson’s Disease. Part 1

ПаркинсонаParkinson’s disease is called chronic, actively progressive disease of the Central nervous system, manifesting as muscle rigidity, resting tremor and instability when changing posture (shaking palsy).
For the first time this disease of the brain was described in 1817 by the English physician James Parkinson in an essay On shaking… Continue reading

Parkinson’s Disease. Part 2

Болезнь ПаркинсонаIn the future can occur and tremor of the lower extremities, the symptoms are more pronounced and can occur on one half of the body. Tremor of the lower limbs may be combined with a loss of coordination and sensitivity.
With time to disease new symptoms are added, you receive… Continue reading

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