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“BISON MEDICAL” is the best laser technology in the world market


The company “BISON MEDICAL” has proved itself on the market thanks to innovative laser technologies. Some of them have no analogues in the world and help to deal with many problems and defects of the human skin. Modern lasers for rejuvenation allow you to achieve amazing results after a few treatments, while cosmetics are not able to bring a similar effect even after a few years of regular use.
The company does not rest on its laurels and is constantly improving laser techniques, making these discoveries in the field of cosmetology. One of the latest innovations of the company is laser apparatus Lucid-QY. What it represents?
A new laser device

Not so long ago, “BISON MEDICAL” demonstrated to the world its new innovative laser device Lucid-QY. Its most important feature that distinguishes it from all others, is that when it uses a laser with wavelength, forming a short pulse at 1064nm and 532 nm). Use this equipment for pigmentation spots, and treat those areas of the skin where there are lesions of the dermis and epidermis. This unit allows for a fairly prolonged procedure and has a high efficiency. The main advantage of Lucid-QY is that the laser is absorbed only by the melanin, without causing damage to surrounding tissues.
An important characteristic of the device is a display mode and a sufficiently large amount of memory. In display mode, you can easily save more than 10 major symptoms. Storing information about the lesions of the patient can accurately select the best procedure.
If you are using high frequency radiation (e.g., 15 Hz), in order to eliminate the possibility of injury to healthy tissues of the skin, it is enough to limit the time of the procedure. In other cases, the device allows for a fairly long sessions.

Other unique devices

Another unique device, which offers the company “BISON MEDICAL”, is the fractional laser MORE-XEL Scanning. He is the world’s first device that is capable of producing a skin analysis. The phone is available in 3 thousand modes, it easily allows you to set different parameters, such as shape, density, direction, and size. There is an analytical mode, which is able to determine the moisture content of the skin, the necessary care and offer precautions.
It’s not the whole list of laser devices offered by the company “BISON MEDICAL cosmetology clinics for the past 12 years. While all the products have certificates of quality and warranty of 2 years.


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