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БрекетыDental braces are defined as fixed orthodontic device that is attached to the inner or outer surfaces of the teeth. Each bracket has its own copy, then there is some program, according to which it specifies the direction of the tooth. The bracket is fixed orthodontic arch having the property of returning to its original position, regardless of how its bent. This arc is the main source of power for the alignment of the teeth.

In the design of traditional braces orthodontic arch attached to the bracket by means of metal or elastic ligatures – the process of orthodontists is called legirovaniem. But recent developments in the field of orthodontics several modernized mechanism. Now more popular belgatome or self-ligating braces, which ligatures replaced with locking elements that already exist in the mechanism of the lock, and the price of sapphire braces does not. Although belgatome systems are very modern, they have the advantage in terms of efficiency is hardly noticeable, as the success of treatment depends not only on the type of braces, and the skill of the orthodontist.
The effect of braces
Contrary to popular misconception, the teeth are not tightly inserted in the jaw. The teeth have the ability to move within the dentition during the eruption of or under the influence of external forces, the pressure of which is determined for treatment. At that time, the CA on the wall of the tooth hole is long and low pressure, it begins to open space in the tooth for movement, gradually dissolving. And in that place, where the elongation of the connective tissue fibers, there is a new bone that supports the tooth and does not allow him to return to the original position. Purchased the place remains forever.
When exposed to the tooth heavy loads when chewing and biting food is not such an impact that will contribute to the displacement of the teeth, as the process of chewing briefly. To force to move the teeth in an adult human, in need of constant pressure for a long time. Therefore, effective treatment requires a non-removable device called a bracket system, with which the tooth is immersed in the bone bends or turns on its axis.
Types of braces
Patients are subdivided braces according to the materials from which they are made. The most versatile and popular braces are made of metal. However, many patients are very important parameter such as stealth mechanism, so the experts have developed aesthetic bracket systems.
The first braces were made of plastic, then appeared sapphire and ceramic, and then lingual braces the reviews which you can read about on the Internet. It is very difficult to say which of these braces are the most effective, as each system has its own advantages and disadvantages, but the impact is the same.
How to choose braces?
The answer to this question can be given only with the orthodontist. But if you have already decided on the material, please contact the person who installs the desired system.

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