«Мэри Бэль»

“Capacity” heart

«Наращивание» сердцаEven today, the path from a promising medical discoveries to effective treatment often takes a decade or even more. In the beginning of the two thousandth’s successful completion of the project the creation of artificial human genome has given hope that treatments for diseases, up to this point considered fatal, was almost in his hands. Made the first bold steps that, even after ten years, but still be able to change the nature of human aging and death.
Surgeons from children’s hospital in Boston have developed a method of helping children with heart disease, raised on the basis of their biological material new fully functional body, keeping the body’s natural ability to live and grow.
About a hundred thousand babies each year are born with an abnormality called syndrome hypoplastic left heart, which is the result of genetic anomalies, and leaves the child without a functioning ventricle. With late surgical intervention this pathology involves death.
Standard treatment of the disease is a number of open-heart surgery to change the route of circulation of blood to the right ventricle may take it pumping to the organs and extremities of the body. But the right ventricle is intended for flow of low pressure to the lungs, and this is one reason why 30% or more patients survive after surgery.
Boston doctors have developed a sophisticated strategy of opening valves and redirection of blood flow to the left ventricle that would stimulate biological processes that contribute to the growth of the heart.
Last month, in the journal of the American College of Cardiology, reported that it is now 12 patients subjected to artificial increase of the heart”, have two working ventricles. One of them, 9-year-old Alex Rand, fully recovered after surgery and leads a full and happy life of a little girl: sings, dances and surprises the doctors how much time you may spend at high physical activity.

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