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Carbon dioxide and beauty

Углекислый газ и красотаIn cosmetics used a large number of cocktails as injections, but mostly trying to use such substances that are natural to the human body.
Carboxytherapy is the injection of carbon dioxide, which help to rejuvenate the skin, but also exhibit a therapeutic effect. To say that this procedure is brand new, so no it was known in the thirties. Only at the moment time began to be in demand. Since it is safe and effective.
Many patients and doctors believe that it is much better and more efficient than mesotherapy. And at a price much cheaper than other injection procedures.
How does carbon dioxide therapy?
First of all, carbon dioxide is struggling with a lack of oxygen in the tissues of the skin. That is, with reduced levels of oxygen. Lack of oxygen in the tissues is the main cause of aging (loss of elasticity and firmness) and blemishes (acne). This therapy carbon dioxide works in several ways: the Formation of new collagen cells, stimulation of the functions of fibroblasts (there is an increase in the tonus and elasticity), the breakdown of fat, rejuvenating effect, normalization of blood circulation in the skin cells.
What reasons and evidence in the application of carbon dioxide therapy?
Cellulite: works fine on the poorly marked cellulite and orange peel.
Sagging skin: after 4 session, you can see a wonderful effect for the face and the surrounding areas. For hands and thighs will need up to 10 treatments.
Stretch marks: they become less noticeable.
Scars: improving the process of scarring.
Under eye circles: the dermis layer thickens, not as visible vessels, protection from external factors that negatively affect the skin.
Углекислый газ и красота
What indications exist from the medicine?
Raynaud’s syndrome, psoriasis, varicose ulcers, rheumatic problems, arteriopathy, erectile dysfunction.
How is the therapy?
In medical therapy using carbon gas sterile quality. Also use diffusion gun, which is able to control the dose. This gun has a set of needles, which practically do not produce pain. Usually one course accommodates up to 10 treatments. But it all depends on the original condition of the skin and the results you want to achieve. You can do two sessions per week. To support the result of several procedures per year.
Complications from therapy.
Practically complications from therapy no carbon dioxide. As it is itself produced in the body and is not a toxic substance. As the gas is used in a sterile form, the infection of any infection is reduced to zero. Allergies carbon dioxide does not cause.
Side effects can be on an individual basis. During therapy, you may feel a feeling of heaviness in the tissues, hot flashes, tingling, burning. This all leads to the microcirculation and expansion vessels.
Pain can be in that case, if the injections do superficially. In 10% of cases can cause bruising, but they are in a couple of days will disappear. Where the injection was done slight swelling.
Contraindications to the use of carbon dioxide in the form of injections.
Absolutely can not use this therapy if: epilepsy, previous heart attack, working in the field of inflammation, phlebitis, the pressure is increased. Also it is impossible if a person has problems with blood clotting.

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