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Care of skin in winter

Уход за кожей лица зимойThe skin condition of the face and in the chest area is not only a mirror of the age, and kind of business card health. To take care of the skin should be systematically and continuously, especially for the winter period, when care should become even more intense.

In winter, the skin suffers from temperature extremes, as repeatedly alternated stay out in the cold air and stay indoors. This becomes a cause of deterioration of blood circulation, thinning of the skin, the appearance of such signs as peeling and uneven.
It is in winter skin care needs using a series of New Face from the Center of the Chinese cosmetics, ISCIS. You must use cosmetics, which are designed specifically for winter care – they are in production any cosmetic companies, including SKIS. In winter means more dense texture, enhanced content in the lipid composition and the presence of glycerin and silicone. So that consumers are not confused, all series winter cosmetics are produced with a special marking.
When choosing options for skin care, it is necessary to consider all the individual features. In any case holder oily skin should not use the tools to dry and Vice versa. In the formulations of creams for dry skin contains components that cause clogged pores owners have oily skin, causing the appearance of acne and acne. Are on sale generic capsules for face creams and other products that will be suitable for any skin, they perform the functions of power and protection. Using such tools need to be careful, it is advisable to consult with a beautician.
Please note, all kinds of creams contain water, including winter. Therefore, after applying it on your skin needs at least half an hour still to stay home. Is the rule for regular washing or other treatments with face – wait until the water evaporates or is absorbed. Otherwise, the crystals located between the cells of the skin, will turn into ice, causing irritation and peeling.
Undesirable morning washing using a cleanser – gels, foams, jelly, because they contribute to the destruction of the natural protection of the skin sebum. Use a tonic or thermal water. After that, apply some sunscreen not moisturizing series, and then you can apply makeup. Use thicker decorative cosmetics.

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