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Causes of depression

Причины возникновения депрессииDepression – a mental disorder, the main symptoms of which are considered to be a worsening of mood, impaired thought process, negative thinking, decreased motor activity.
It is generally believed that depression appears due to nervous shock: the death of loved ones, problems at work, money problems, severe disease. However, there are other reasons that trigger depression.
Time of the year. Usually depression is manifested in the cold period, but sometimes it happens Vice versa. It is due to poor adaptability of the organism to changing weather conditions.
Smoking. Depression affects people who have recently quit. While there are mood swings, which sometimes leads to depression. Perhaps there was an inverse relationship, and prone to depression people are more likely to become smokers. Because nicotine is a kind of antidepressant, increasing the serotonin levels in the brain.
Disrupting thyroid. The hormones produced by the thyroid gland performs many functions in our body. When violation of hormone hypothyroidism occurs. In this disease depression is combined with fatigue, constipation, feeling cold.
The lack of sleep. Studies have confirmed that when there is insufficient amount of sleep, when considering images with unpleasant content in the brain of test subjects were experiencing the same processes as in depression. Ie, bad, negative sleep leads to irritability and depression.
Internet addiction. Permanent “hang” on the Internet leads to depression. Substituting live chat virtual, people forgot how to build relationships with others outside the network. The person feels his loneliness that leads to depression.
Medications. The disease can be a side effect of some medicines. Therefore, the choice of medication, it is important to consult a doctor.

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