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“Cereal for losing weight

Злаки Cereal is a great way to have the perfect shape, without the pangs of hunger. Because grasses provide a feeling of satiety throughout the day.
Cereal diet is considered the most humane, because it is quite hearty, and psychologically comfortable. However, the loss on cereals has many limitations. During diet week have to abandon the butter, salt, meat (allowed only poultry), sugar and alcohol.
Cereals and grains that you should add to your diet: – oats (but not Hercules); – black (wild) and brown rice; buckwheat; millet; orange lentils.
Should be deleted: – all cereals in the form of flakes intended for quick cooking; – semolina; – white rice.
All grains should be cooking exclusively on the water and without salt.
Options “cereal” Breakfast: – porridge with soy sauce and mushrooms; a serving of vegetable juice; – a casserole made from buckwheat and one egg; green, h; – rice porridge (brown rice) with the addition of prunes and dried apricots; coffee.
Options “cereal” lunch: – soup of oatmeal, celery and potatoes; steak of the sea fish (side dish: green salad with cherry tomatoes); the portion of stewed fruit; – a portion of the broth from the chicken, rice or buckwheat; salad with feta cheese, green onions and fresh cucumbers; a serving of vegetable juice; a serving of lentil soup; grilled chicken breast; fresh tomatoes; whole wheat bread; a serving of vegetable juice.
Options “cereal” afternoon teas: – serving of pancakes from buckwheat and chicken liver; portion of fresh yogurt; toast them whole grain bread; cream cheese; a serving of fresh yogurt; granola bar + fruit; portion of fresh yogurt.
Options “cereal” dinner: a plate of spaghetti from untreated flour sauce (garlic, tomato sauce, olive oil); a Cup of herbal tea; – a portion of boiled rice with shrimp with the addition of soy sauce; Cup of herbal tea; – a portion crumbly buckwheat porridge; a Cup of herbal tea.
After cereal diet some time stick to a diet with limited amount of meat.

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