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Choose makeup for spring

Выбираем косметику для весныIn spring, nature is transformed, there are gay streams in the melting snow, breaking the first leaves and flowers. At this time, all ladies want to look young and beautiful, when everything blooms and smells, I want to look suitable. However, after a long winter it is not so easy, have some work to do.

The body is exhausted by lack of vitamins and sunshine, which begin to appear such unpleasant things as pale complexion, dull and split hair, dark circles under the eyes. These problems do not disappear, they will certainly need to fight, and will help in this special cosmetics for spring.
Cosmetics for spring
Nourishing and moisturizing cream
Dry skin is a problem, not pursuing this and a large number of women. Despite the fact that in the spring, many ladies complain of dry skin, this is not always true. Actually, by the spring of the skin is not dry and dehydrated. To return the skin, you will need greasy nourishing cream for morning and evening skin care, also do not neglect vitamin masks.
One of the main pests skin spring is peeling. To combat this consequence of cold weather will require a variety of scrubs, no matter whether they are homemade or from the store. Most importantly, use them to clean skin at least once a week.
Cosmetics for hair
In early spring the hair very badly broken and split ends, stronger than in other seasons. So you need to provide them with maximum care, using not only the usual hair conditioner, and vitamin and nutrient mask. After each shampooing, apply the mask on your hair – it will make the strands healthy and silky.
Creams for skin around the eyes
No one painted dark circles around the eyes. Let’s once and for all with them will rasproschalsja, we will begin not only a sufficient time to sleep and to eat properly, will give up bad habits, and will help our skin specialized cosmetics in the form of a cream for the skin around the eyes. In the spring of this makeup must be on the shelf in the bathroom.
Decorative cosmetics
In the spring it is necessary not only to take care of yourself, and you can change radically the way. Boldly experiment with bright colors, can change everything: perfume, lipstick, blush, eyeliner and so on. And can remove the bright colors and highlight your natural beauty with natural shades.

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