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Cleaning with the aid of the galvanometer and alkaline solution

Чистка при помощи гальванометра и щелочного раствораFirst of all, let us understand what is this procedure and how it works. This procedure will be holding znakoma than the female sex. As the procedure is performed using a galvanometer.
This procedure has only recently become known cosmetologists and not for nothing as after the procedure get a stunning result. Desincrustation can be called cleaning with galvanometer and alkali solution.
What is the procedure? With the help of electric current, which comes from a galvanometer, an improvement of blood circulation by improving the permeability of the vascular walls. Pores can easily be purified by the alkaline solution and current. You can also get rid of secrets that cannot be cleaned with the help of cosmetics.
Who can do the procedure?
Suitable for people with oily and problem skin, which may be subjected to formation of comedones and acne. Typically, such cleaning is performed on the face, chin, forehead and nose.
Based on what are the contraindications?
Such cleaning can not be applied to people who have dentures and pacemakers. Also strictly prohibited during lactation and pregnancy. Especially if there are problems with blood clotting. During inflammatory processes in the body and in cancer it is impossible to carry it out.
In any case, before the procedure you need to have a talk with the doctor. He will individually prescribe the procedure with electricity.
What is the process dezinkrustatsii?
In the beginning of the procedure you will be marked on the problematic areas of the face alkaline R-R, and then the electrode will massage the problem area. The patient can adjust the amperage to not feel pain. Upon completion of the work on the face make the mask.
Чистка при помощи гальванометра и щелочного раствораSuch a procedure can be done a couple times a month, and no more than two minutes. And to those who have sensitive skin will suit less than two minutes time. For the effect is has finaly come need six sessions. As necessary can be repeated in a few months.
Positive aspects of the procedure
Instead of alkaline R-RA you can also use herbal remedies and collagen. The effect will be prolonged, it is possible to achieve the desired result. If you do not pay attention to the solidity of the device, this procedure can be attributed to cosmetic.

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