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Collagen cosmetics Mizon

Meet megabestseller – collagen series on facial from Mizon! Fans of the brand name the products of this series the same mast-jawami as the famous “snail”, and cosmetic experts call them effective substitute collagen injections youth. Once you try it once and you will never imagine your daily care without collagen products from Mizon!
The strength of the collagen – for your face
For series products Collagen Power Lifting Line uses marine collagen, which is extracted from the skin of fish. The structure of the protein, collagen extracted from fish, is closest in structure to human collagen compounds. Therefore money is enriched with marine collagen, quickly absorbed and penetrate deep into the cells, providing the maximum effect. Collagen cosmetics can not only moisturize and nourish the skin, but to save her from aging, resuming the synthesis of natural collagen in the cells, as well as closing the amino acid deficiency.
An excellent collection of collagen cosmetics from Mizon
Collagen Power Lifting Line is one of the main best – selling brand Mizon. Use it and an older lady, and girl, barely found himself the first wrinkles. Prevention of skin aging and its retardation is the main goal of the collagen series MIZON, but they will also help ideal to nourish and moisturize the skin. Get to know all series of collagen cosmetics from Mizon!

Start your skin care with collagen lifting toner Mizon. Dispenser spray will help to spray toner directly on the skin or on a cotton swab. Wipe cleansed skin of the face, its refreshing, hydrating on the deepest level, and providing training to further skin care. The toner containing 54% marine collagen, has a rejuvenating effect on the cells of your skin;
Collagen emulsion – active drug, with 54% marine collagen. It provides an instant lifting effect for your skin, filling in wrinkles. In addition to collagen, in it you will find the extract of raspberry, coptis Japanese, Shea butter, as well as many anti-aging components that will help you achieve the perfect look of your skin. The emulsion is perfect for daily use and training for the application of the cream;
Treat the delicate skin around the eyes using collagen cream for skin around the eyes from Mizon. You can purchase it in two versions – classic jar 25 ml, and in a convenient mini-tube of 10 ml They differ solely by the form and volume, the content of the identical cream in a tube, and in a jar. Cream with 42% of concentrated collagen effectively remove “crow’s feet”, tightens, nourishes and removes dark circles around the eyes. This contributes not only collagen but also oil pennica meadow, Shea, olives and sunflower, as well as many other plant extracts;
In collagen series two face cream – moisturizing lifting and collagen nourishing cream. Both creams contain 54% saturated collagen in its composition. Lifting cream is suitable for normal to oily skin, and nourishing for dry and Mature. Adenosine, cacao extract, and hyaluronic acid in the composition will help to achieve excellent results in skin care;
Concentrated collagen serum with trehalose, allantoin, panthenol, vitamin B3 and peptides is a powerful tool that fights aging of the skin. Just a few drops to your regular day or BB cream to nourish him with the strength of collagen. Applied to clean skin with a pipette, this serum works wonders!
Collagen lip balm Mizon will help to care for the skin, lips and even replace colorless Shine.

Luxury collagen series will quickly return the youth to your skin.

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