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Comfortable sleep with orthopedic pillows

Комфортный сон с ортопедическими подушкамиA good sleep and a busy day full of provide special orthopedic pillows. Their task is to adapt the correct position of the head, ensuring the normal operation for the circulatory system and a great vacation for the cervical spine.

But these pillows are not the same. Every manufacturer in their own way understands the standards for them. If you want to buy a really orthopedic pillows, first of all, note the existence of a certificate. Products must meet the standards of the Russian Federation and the standards of the country of origin. For example, meets the requirements for orthopedic products product known brand Magniflex, izgotovlyayuschego products exclusively in Italy and are made from natural materials. Modern production standards provided the company with a 35-million sales in 80 countries and 20 years of success in Russia.
What are orthopedic pillows for adults?

Modern manufacturers offer the following solutions:

Products made of polyurethane foam. Polyurethane foam is a synthetic material, which is also called artificial latex. He pretty high-quality, easily supports the elasticity and form in which the need pillowtop mattresses, and is considered a hypoallergenic product industry. But the ease of use of the pillows of foam depends on the efforts of the manufacturer. Because the material itself is not able to “breathe”. He needs a special perforation and treatment.
Products made of foam. Filler for new orthopedic pillows also called memoriam. This name is due to the fact that it is able to maintain position, in which there was a pillow when lying on her man. This property is called the memory effect. The memory effect helps to bedclothes to adjust the position of the head and neck, and not Vice versa. In the end, the neck muscles really relax, the brain receives normal circulation and pinched vertebrae of the cervical spine and osteochondrosis cease to be an enormous threat.
Products made of latex. Latex has the indisputable advantage over all the other fillers – it is a natural material. In addition, the composition adjusts body position not worse than Memorex only holds given the form below. If lean hand on the pillow, and then immediately raise the hand shape pillow will recover quickly.

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