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Conclusions combination of bone-periosteal grafting for congenital defects of the upper jaw

Primary healing of surgical wounds on the skin and in the mucosa was observed in 97,09 patients. In 3 patients the bone grafts perforated mucosa on transition the crease and were removed in the first 2-3 weeks after surgery.

Remote research data in a period from six months to 5 year period were traced in 66 46 patients after primary and 20 patients after early secondary bone autoplastic in the alveolar bone. A control group of patients consisted of 30 patients with unilateral cleft in the upper lip and palate with age 5-8 years, inhalatio which was conducted without bone grafting in the alveolar bone.

In the studied group of patients, the best indicators of growth of the upper jaw. Typical deformation in the upper dentition in occlusion and found to 34.8 in the studied group, in control — in 63.5 patients. I 84,8 patients achieved a sustained recovery of the correct shape of the nose, upper lip.

In all the examined 66 patients with palpation determined the continuity of the bones of the lower edge in the pear-shaped opening in the area of the cleft, the symmetry of its lateral edges. Radiography conducted in 49 patients, in each case revealed newly formed bone regenerate. Continuous bone regenerate detected in 42 patients (85,5), 7 patients (14,5) bony protrusions at the edges of the defect did not contribute to overlap the whole width of the detected defect.

After secondary combined bone grafting full restoration of the alveolar process at the appropriate level of apical base was achieved in 24 of 29 patients (82,7) after early secondary bone autoplastic in 18 of 20 patients (90).

Thus, the analysis of the outcomes of immediate and long-term outcomes of combined bone and the periosteal autoplastic in congenital defects of the upper jaw showed its high efficiency.


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