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Contact lenses

Контактные линзыContact lenses – one of the most popular means of correcting vision problems today. And with development of modern technologies, as well as simplifying the production of such products, contact lenses have become available to all. The only problem faced by the consumer is the problem of choice. Many do not know what parameters have lenses and what should we pay attention to the lens served as long as possible and successfully.

The main thing you want to remember the person buying contact lenses is a mandatory visit to the ophthalmologist. Without consulting a doctor better not engage in self-selection of such devices – they not only may simply not be suitable in accordance with your physiological characteristics, but also to harm. This is because most of the eye diseases directly related to the problems of the eye muscles. And if these muscles are constantly in a relaxed state, the disease will continue to progress.
Themselves contact lenses and colored lenses are divided into hard and soft. Soft usually correct a small degree of astigmatism and myopia, and rigid lenses are able to correct the irregular shape of the cornea – here again the urgent consultation of a specialist. So, there are a number of diseases, which must be entirely rigid lenses.
Lenses also differ in the materials from which they are made. The most popular lenses that are made from silicone hydrogels. Their main advantage is the minimum requirements for hydration, as well as the fact that they breathe, that is, allow air to pass through to the eye. That is why they are recommended by doctors as the most convenient and safe to carry.

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