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Correct for vision light

Правильный для зрения светWith lighting you can create in the house the atmosphere, change the interior beauty, efficiency and even appetite. Therefore, without proper lighting it is impossible to save the view.
The first sunlight. To the design of the Windows in the room should be taken seriously, as they must simultaneously pass a sufficient amount of sunlight and avoid excessive heat rays.
If the window of your apartment facing North and a little East to do the walls in the room you want light, then light will be falling on them to reflect increasing illumination.
To protect the apartment from the scorching rays of the sun, if we look to the West or South-West, with the help of light and blackout curtains, sun film and blinds.
Artificial lighting
Sunlight cannot round the clock to illuminate our homes, so you need to consider artificial lighting. Using lamps can achieve a very different effect, for example, to create in the room a certain climate and mood, and not only to defeat the darkness. In addition, table Lamp Lumina – synthesis of practicality and aesthetics are an integral part of the interior, helping accents and hide the flaws.
When creating artificial lighting should be to remember a few simple rules. First – light should be enough. The second is the lighting should be functional, and can vary depending on what you are doing. For example, TV is best viewed with dim lighting, and guests to meet in full dress, that is, illuminating the room fully and 48091b0_big Third – invalid sharp transitions from light to shadow, the presence of glare and glitter on the surface is harmful to eyesight. Try to remove bright sources, which irritate the eyes and weary psyche. Point the light beam leave only the Desk lamp, and the room is most useful for eyes soft light.
It is also worth remembering that the lighting should be very safe. You should not place open light in private or chandelier crystal in the nursery. Also dangerous it can be low-hanging lamp – it’s very easy to hurt your head that is not very nice.
To work with documents or other work that requires good lighting, use a table lamp. Place it so that the light bulb was not closed by hand.

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