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Cosmetic massage

Косметический массаж Cosmetic massage properly be divided into 3 types:
1. Therapeutic massage
2. Hygienic massage
3. Plastic massage
Healing mass massage professional level, as for massage this species requires a specialist with at least secondary medical education. This massage is used to eliminate various defects of the face from a large number of pending fat, folds and wrinkles. This type of massage is carried out only with prior consent of the expert in the field of cosmetology.
The second type of massage, hygienic massage is used for the scalp, namely, face and neck, when there is a weakened condition of the muscles of the face, destabilization of the basic functions of sebaceous glands, as well as the emergence of a large number of wrinkles and folds. The first stage of this massage are lightweight techniques, and then gradually progressing to the deeper techniques massage and ends with what began, namely – light techniques. The cream should be applied evenly with about lines skin massage. It is also important to note, a very good result of cleaning the skin person gets after visiting the baths, as during the steaming out all sorts of particles that clog the channels of the sebaceous glands.

Косметический массаж Plastic massage is mainly used for people with age over 30 years. It is used by the pronounced subcutaneous fat.
Cosmetic massage is characterized by the following features applications: 1) for the recovery of not closed parts of the skin, namely the face, neck and hands; 2) to prevent possible premature aging of the skin; 3) to strengthen hair roots and the hair on the head, as well as dealing with other cosmetic diseases.
The main techniques of cosmetic massage is to: vibration technique, the technique of stroking, rubbing, kneading technique. Experienced and the correct application of massage techniques gives a positive a positive result, as on the skin of exposed parts of the body, and the state of the whole organism.

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