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Cosmetic procedure anti-aging effect: Bioreinforcement

Косметологическая процедура омолаживающего эффекта: БиоармированиеEvery modern woman wants to look permanently young, but not every expensive procedure will give you the result that you will be pleased and will last a long time. Skin affected by stress, our “superior” environment, unhealthy lifestyle.
About youthful skin think middle-aged women. To overcome age-related problems will help you procedure – bioreinforcement face. This procedure is midway between the surgery and creams with anti-aging effect.
Gold reinforcement is a precursor bioarmirovaniâ. Gold reinforcement is popular among stars of show business. Medicine is not static, it is constantly moving forward, there are new cosmetic procedure that does not require surgery to rejuvenate your face. The principle bioarmirovaniâ is to create a frame across the face of a biological nature. Generally, reinforcement is used not only in cosmetics but also in other applications where a reliable frame. This frame is created of injections injection (biological R-R with hyaluronic acid under the skin. These injections are only necessary in areas that require this. After such treatments, the cells quickly begin the process of rejuvenating, secrete elastin and collagen. Practical no harm from such a procedure is not, as it is close to the physiological processes of the body. Biogel subsequently dissolved. To achieve the desired effect it is necessary to have at least three treatments, but at intervals of no sooner than two weeks.
Косметологическая процедура омолаживающего эффекта: БиоармированиеThis procedure is typical of conducts in age from 30 to 50 years. When there is a decrease in elasticity of the skin, this will disturb the contour of the face. This cosmetic procedure is most effective and will have the effect of middle-aged women. Well, after 50 to achieve the effect will be much harder, so as to resume the update of the skin cells very hard.
Before you begin the procedure you should definitely visit a dermatologist who will help you decide. After the procedure there can be traces of injections that can go away within a few days. To prevent any discomfort use a special cream, therefore, this procedure is considered painless.
The rehabilitation period in this procedure does not exist, it is simple but gives excellent results. The skin becomes original path, becomes more supple and elastic, wrinkles are smoothed. Every modern woman wants to use a procedure with a natural extension of youth.

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