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Cosmetic procedure: cold peel

Косметическая процедура: холодный пилингNot every woman is able to lie down on the surgical table under the knife in order to look great. The woman, despite the fact that time is moving rapidly, trying to detain the youth. There are consequences of aging is age spots, wrinkles, sagging skin. It is with these reasons account for the modern woman to fight.
Modern scientists have developed a more gentle method to get rid of bumps and wrinkles – peeling. Erbium peeling is innovation among all other peels. This peel combines several procedures at the same time, are able to rejuvenate your skin. For example, remove stretch marks, age spots and wrinkles, lifting, grinding, removal of tattoos and moles.
The reasons that can solve erbium peel.
The peel is fine approach if you have the following symptoms: age spots and freckles, swelling of the face, moles, wrinkles, sagging skin, acne. Erbium peel not only eliminates the defects of skin peeling, but makes the stimulation of collagen production. Since collagen is responsible for skin tone.
What is the process of peeling?
This peeling is done using a laser, which is peculiar to Polish the skin. This is polished only the epidermis, next light is not. Grinding takes place in two modes: pulse and quick scanning.
It is worth remembering that the erbium peel is gentle enough. During and after the procedure, you will cause burns and damage, scarring. In medicine and cosmetology this type of peeling is called cold.
This cosmetic procedure is painless and safe. This peel can treat any area of the body and face, even the most delicate. After the procedure, the working surface covered by the film and during the week is the period of rehabilitation. After peeling can recommend an ointment with antibiotics for complete healing of the top layer of skin – the epidermis.
Косметическая процедура: холодный пилингAfter only two months you will feel the result. Collagen during this period is increased, that is, the skin becomes soft and smooth.
Preparation for the procedure erbium – peeling.
In order to avoid any consequences, the skin is necessary to prepare in advance. You need to use during the month creams with high enough photosamity. A couple of weeks before the procedure to make peeling glycolic acid.
What are the advantages of exfoliation?
Pros peels are that do not require anesthesia, use on any area of the body, no limitations, and contraindications, small chance of scarring and pigmentation, long-lasting results, no intoxication, rapid recovery and rehabilitation of the house, apply at any age.
As with all cosmetic procedures, there are also disadvantages.
This peeling can be called a surgical operation, and minus any intervention effects. Even despite the fact that the procedure is virtually harmless, but the possible effects such as hypopigmentation, small scars, redness of the skin (will last up to a week). In any case, if you observe any consequences, you should consult a doctor.

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