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Cosmetic procedure: Fraxel

Косметологическая процедура: FraxelRegardless of the time a woman always wants to look beautiful and young. But time passes and can’t be seen for the former elasticity and freshness, wrinkles appear, the skin was nice and attractive complexion. Even in adolescence can be spots. In these modern times, you can carry out any procedure without surgery for removal of skin blemishes and rejuvenate.
What is this procedure?
You may be interested to know the details of what and how! First of all, is the procedure of cleaning, and then applied the ointment anaesthetic effect. Then begins the transformative procedure. The essence is that a specialized nozzle, on which rollers are disposable, spend on blemishes several times in different directions. This leads to the elimination of the old, and in its place formed a completely new and healthy skin. Transformative and rejuvenating the procedure takes half an hour. Then applied to the skin soothing cream.
But it is worth remembering that after the procedure a few days can be swelling and redness. All self-will is usually the case after all beauty treatments. You can use the funds that will help you to disguise post-treatment effect. Three months, you will need to use protective and moisturizing creams, and avoid direct sunlight. You can repeat this procedure every month.
What effects can you expect?
Many cosmetic areas such a device is used pretty often. Basically after 30 years the problem starts with the skin, loss of elasticity, color, youth and beauty. So after this procedure old cells are removed, and in their place there is regeneration. Any woman would be glad to such magnificent effect.
Косметологическая процедура: FraxelAs such a laser may be used to remove wrinkles. The beam penetrates deeply into the skin during the procedure, and after a few sessions you will notice the improvement in skin elasticity of the face. Plus of Fraxel is that on sensitive areas of the skin removes wrinkles.
Unique effect after removal of pigment spots, which can appear at any age. Besides the fact that you remove the pigmentation and rejuvenate you skin. And no trace after it will not.
Also tend to use laser removal of scars and scars. A few sessions you can improve the appearance of the skin, and small scars disappear altogether.
If you are worried about acne, you should take advantage of such a laser, after no irregularities and the skin looks much more attractive and younger.
As they say, beauty is pain, but you should pay attention to contraindications.
Fraxel do not use if you ARD plus the temperature, cold sores, psoriasis and dermatitis. Absolutely can not use this procedure if you have epilepsy, pregnancy (as there is a negative impact on fetal development). Even if you are healthy, the first thing you need to consult with the specialists of the clinic or center has chosen.
And most importantly, the procedure is not so cheap!

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