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Cosmetics – health benefits or harm?

Cosmetics used by almost every girl, be it cosmetics, personal care, care for face, hands or body. A wide variety of makeup from different manufacturers offer the means to care for every taste and price range. For example,avon, oriflame today everyone can afford.

Of course, when choosing makeup, girls should pay attention not only to the popularity of a particular brand of cosmetics, but also on the composition of the selected care products, shelf-life, especially the correct use of cosmetics.
The most common mistake of women is the excessive use of decorative cosmetics, which can lead to such negative consequences like skin cancer. The carelessness and carelessness of the fair sex can also lead to the purchase of expired cosmetics.
So, it is well to consider what exactly is cosmetic – the health benefits or harm? It should be emphasized that all cosmetic products can be divided into two types: cheap and therefore not quality cosmetics and luxury cosmetics luxury class.
It is well known that the make-up consists of a variety of chemical elements, which, in turn, marginally useful for the human body. Unfortunately, even a small dose of such chemicals as phenol, phthalic acid, phytoestrogen, can cause some irreversible damage to the health of consumers of such cosmetics.

Thus, these chemical compounds can affect the endocrine system user of cosmetics, for example, to provoke early puberty in girls who are starting to use make-up rather early.
In conclusion, we should say that any kind of cosmetic has its advantages and disadvantages. However, dear girls, do not neglect your natural beauty, using a variety of cosmetics in large quantities, and it is only necessary to slightly accentuate your appearance.
In addition, it is not necessary to buy cosmetics for beautiful and attractive promotions, because clever advertising approach does not guarantee high quality and good cosmetics for every girl.
In addition, when choosing makeup, it is important to consider your individual reactions to ingredients in the cosmetics, skin type, face shape, and possible allergic reactions to chemicals contained in cosmetics.

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