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Cosmetology for pregnant women

The lady who is waiting for their much-awaited heir, can only congratulate and sincerely wish the health of the unborn baby. But one wishes, of course, can not do. Women’s consultation of the gynecologist is the first thing that needs to write in the direction of the therapist that the woman could in time be registered, pass the necessary tests and to obtain a birth certificate. The task of the gynecologist – to monitor the progress of pregnancy, to diagnose potential pathology and directly participate in the process of preserving the beauty of the expectant mother.

Why gynecologist and beautician must act together?

The pregnant woman is a special case, and one is beneficial to position the mother, but the appearance of other literally in front of the spoils. Of course, no woman wants to look bad. However, traditional cosmetic procedures can hardly be called helpers in the matter of eliminating the traditional “pregnant” problems, many hardware procedure simply forbidden, so the reception at the gynecologist before visiting the salon is mandatory. Need some advice on what you can do, and what not, and concrete solutions can only take watching the doctor.
However, concerns about some salon treatments in vain. During pregnancy can:

  • dye your hair in a gentle formulations;
  • use creams and masks for the face and body;
  • to pass a specialized cellulite massage.

To avoid most of the problems associated with the restoration of the skin and lines on the body after birth, is not only possible but even necessary to begin care early in pregnancy. Unfounded fears for the health of the baby will have a great disservice. To cure stretch marks have appeared, for example, is virtually impossible, and to prevent their appearance quite easily. Therefore if the woman has a good gynecologist in Moscow, is able to give a sound advice on all permitted cosmetic procedures, be sure to go to the reception and to get detailed information. Pregnancy is a reason to be beautiful.


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