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Dental implants and their benefits

The advantages of implants are widely known, and the implantation process allows you to restore the main physiological functions of man in the absence of teeth

A dental implant is made artificially, and it is a structure consisting of several components. Use the design for the purpose of prosthetics and implementation in the jaw with subsequent fusion with bone tissue. With implants carried out restoration work on the replacement of missing teeth. Collapsible implant consists of the implant, abutment and installs in two stages or in one. Not collapsible option created from a single piece of material and place it in one step. Osseointegrated implants are divided into laminar, tapered and combined. More common tapered cylindrical or conical shapes. Requirements for all implants are most stringent. Firstly they should be comfortable throughout the installation process and not to create inconvenience to the doctor’s surgery. Came up with a special surgical instruments. And the presence of different forms of dentures gives an opportunity to choose the best option depending on the physiological state of the patient. The process of implant placement should take place after a thorough cleaning of the entire oral cavity of mechanical particles, healing of inflammations and wounds. This means that the level of sterilization should be high. The implant makes it possible to widely apply it in prosthetics and ensures the preservation of their functional abilities for a long time. Therefore, in recent years the advantages of implants have become widely known, and such a process allows you to restore the main physiological functions of man in the prevention of the effects of missing teeth. So, with the help of the implant is restored tooth and the adjacent teeth are not affected. However creates a seat for the fixation of the prosthesis or support for its installation. But there are a number of contraindications, in which it is undesirable to carry out the implantation. These are the diseases of the blood and of the heart, diabetes and cancer, diseases of the mouth and a weakened immune system. Dental implantation is an effective way of prosthetics missing teeth, but those who passed this procedure, you must pay a visit to the clinic for routine check-UPS with your primary care dentist. The doctor systematically checks the functionality of the implant and the mouth, and with the help of modern methods of studying the oral density, bone tissue, provides advice on the rules of hygiene. If necessary, the dentist is changing the worn crowns and fillings in the holes of the fixing screws.

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