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Dental implants: particular care

Long gone is the time when your lost remote or by any reason of the tooth crown was put, staring around with each smile. Now the optimal solution to this problem is the installation of dental implants. However, it should be noted that this process is rather time-consuming and resembles a mini-operation. Therefore, physicians are reminded: after the implant took their proper place in your mouth, you should pay close attention to your oral cavity, take care of it and keep some precautions.

The postoperative period

First of all, you should be prepared for the fact that the first few days after the procedure will experience some inconvenience. Generally in most patients they are expressed in a small bleeding, so if you notice that saliva acquired a pinkish hue, don’t worry. To the healing process as smooth as possible and faster, you will have ten days to refuse solid food. Meat, apples, biscuits, nuts, seeds – all of it is temporarily banned. From alcohol and hot drinks you also have to abstain from Smoking. In addition, a couple of weeks you will not be able to brush your teeth: doctors advise to abandon the paste and tooth brush in favor of special antiseptic solutions. Recommended to sleep on several pillows to the head during sleep was raised as high as possible.

General care

After a few weeks you can return to normal life, not forgetting, however, about the rules of hygiene. Regularly clean new teeth electric or normal hard brush, use mouthwash for mouth and flat dental floss. Special attention should be paid to the lower part of the implant and its inner surface.


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