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Designer DNA

Конструктор ДНКUninitiated in the subtleties of genetics sometimes are set fairly obvious question – what is DNA? Speaking in plain language, that DNA works as a manual for life, giving the cells a clear indication that they are supposed to do. It looks like a couple of “stimulus-reaction”. Or for a specific text algorithm. Change the structure, and will change the transmitted message.
DNA is often mentioned next to the word “chain” or “blocks of life”, and the amazing thing is that the engineers from Harvard now make this phrase a little more meaningful. They use Legos building blocks nano size, of which the children in the preschool years, learning to build correct structure of DNA. Lego was a matter which deserved the promotion to use in the field of genetic designing Peng Yin, a principal investigator on the project. Block designer helped engineers-geneticists to visualize what they created.
The secret of success in children’s designer genetic engineering is simple. DNA is basically encoded in four different symbols A, T, G and C. When DNA is combined, G is always connected to C, and A is always connected with T. Thus, the developers have created a chain of DNA that contained the indicated four symbols engraved as landmarks on the Lego bricks. Gathering them together, not only You but even Your child can build anything up to the human genome..
The concept made a splash in the world of biology, as its possibilities are virtually endless. A team of scientists from Harvard have created a genetic copy of the book, the volume of which amounted to $ 284 pages. Experts have translated binary text encoding in the encoding of the DNA structure that contains a pair of symbols A, T, G, C. The resulting model of DNA can be transcribed, and as a result anyone can get the full text of the book. Researchers from Oxford, using the concept of nanoblock Lego, built a robot with embedded DNA, which clearly follows the recorded instructions.

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